Why we want to fix the current way of rating places

Ratings and reviews are as old as the internet and strangely they have remained the same since the two decades or so. People go to places, rate them with a few stars, and leave some text. You end up seeing the average ratings which are months or even years old. You try to sort them by the latest. And then you have to read through those long-ass essays to make sense of the place? That’s. Just. Too. Much. Work.


The current system of ratings and reviews is absolutely broken.

Say hello to Markk. We show you real-time live ratings of places around you. In quickly viewable photos & videos. And these ratings expire in 24 hours, so that you always get to see what’s the latest at that place.

You take a photo or a video, select a rating on a scale of dead to dope, and you’re good to go.

And for your reference:

  1. Dead: Absolutely avoid today
  2. Meh: Nothing great
  3. Good: (does that need explaining?)
  4. Lit: The place is happening
  5. Dope: The best of the best!

The old financial adage of “please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future results” is very much applicable to all the places around us — they change on a daily basis, and what matters is how the place feels now.

So the next time you’re at the office, restaurant, airport, mall or just about any place… simply open Markk & rate live.

that's it?

Dead or dope? Go leave your Markk — every day, every hour!