About Markk

Wondering what we’re all about?

Picking a place to go is not easy, we know. Ratings and reviews are history actually. Take a pic, video and tag a place, people and let others know what the vibe is like. The best nights just happen, and sometimes we just have to see where it’s at, and be there. Markk is a place to discover and share stories of what’s going on at places around you right now, so you know exactly where you want to go next.

The way we put it… leave your markk. You may find our quirky stickers super fun too.

So why are we doing this?

You get live updates on the traffic and that helps you make the most of your day right? Now imagine if you had real-time information about places – the vibe, the food, the music, the crowd – you’d never have plans that go bust. So we thought it would be great to make a real-time index of the good, the bad and the happening in a city, so we can all do exactly what we’re in the mood for. We may not be able to make the world better, but if we’re all in a better mood…

Who are we?

Officially, we’re Markk Inc. Set up in September 2018, we’re a bunch of crazy people that believe real-time information is the new superpower. So we’re working passionately towards making that happen. We hope you love using Markk and would love to hear from you @getmarkk (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram)

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