Rating Places

Adding a Rating at a venue

Markk is designed to make Rating places easy and quick. 

Simply hit the + or Add Rating button to get started

Take a photo or 15-second video, tag the location and pick the rating.

Use one of our pre-made stickers to describe the place or add helpful text, and hit ‘Add Rating’ to post your rating.

Take photos when you’re out, Rate when you get home.

We understand that sometimes it is not ideal or possible to add a rating when you’re actually at the place. 

With our gallery upload feature, you can take photos or videos when you’re at the place and you have 6 hours to upload them on Markk.

To add a rating from your gallery, hit the + button on the homescreen and choose the Gallery option instead of taking a photo or video.

Select the pictures/videos you want to upload, and note that you will be asked to pick a rating level for each media item.

Read our guide to creating great helpful Ratings.